Steve Letarte

I created to improve the hiring process in motorsports. The response from the industry is clear, race teams are excited for and the service it provides in helping them find the right candidates for the right job.

Steve Letarte - Winning NASCAR Crew Chief and NBC Sports Analyst

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Individuals are the foundation to any successful company and a race team is no different. The current hiring model in the racing industry consists of word of mouth networking and finding the correct team member can be very difficult.’s goal is to assist teams in finding future employees, while removing the barriers of entry for Racers across the country.

WHAT IS IT? is an innovative website where both competitive race teams and potential motorsports employees connect. Potential employees become “Racers” by completing an online questionnaire assessing their education and experience before selecting possible positions that best fit their skill sets. houses all of it’s Racer’s data and allows race teams the opportunity to query them based on detailed job descriptions so that the right Racer is paired with the right team.


Racers create anonymous profiles that are queried by race teams searching for that elite individual capable of competing in the racing industry. Race teams are able to search each subscribed Racer based on potential job openings and positions. Each Racer’s education, experience and skill set proficiency is utilized to assure that race teams and Racers are adequately matched. Once the race team creates a list of potential candidates, reaches out to the Racer via email providing them with the interested race team’s contact information and instructions. This allows the Racer to stay anonymous to the race team until they decide that they are ready to pursue the potential employment opportunity.